tamigo offers special services for partners. The services are listed below.

Only a partner login has access to these services.


Create New Company

This service creates a new company (with one administrator). Fill out the different parameters to set culture and package type for the company, and name, email, etc. for the administrator.


Request (JSON)

POST / Companies/?securitytoken={sessionToken}

  "Name": "This is the company name",
"ContactPerson": "This is the administrators name",
"Address": "This is the Address",
"City": "This is the city",
"Email": "This is the email for the admin login",
"Password": "for the login",
"Phone": "This is the phone of the administrator",
"zipCode": "This is the zipcode",
"Culture": "This is the culture of the company",
"PackageType": "package type is ranged from 1-5",


Response (JSON)

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

{Message:”Company Created!” Success":true}